Excellence for Youth


In this unforgettable, Emmy-nominated presentation designed for Junior and Senior High School students, Mark Brown uses the popular Disney film ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ to deliver a powerful message about tolerance, respect and the value of relationships. This program addresses acceptance of differences and the prevalence of “verbal weapons” (words that hurt instead of heal). Using an artful combination of hilarious humor and hard-hitting honesty, Mark poignantly covers the dangers of bullying, cyber-bullying and the importance of tolerance and acceptance among peers. Students will learn:
The long-lasting effect of ‘harmless name-calling’
The ‘BIG LIE’ used by students to justify their behavior
The power within each student to truly change a life!


In this exciting, upbeat presentation designed for Junior & Senior High Schoolers, Mark examines 6 key components for effective youth leadership and living a balanced, exciting life. Included are:
The value of serving your school & community
Why it’s GOOD to watch TV and spend time online
Why the classroom isn’t the only source of education
The hidden benefits of sports, the arts, jobs & pets!


In this powerful presentation designed for Junior & Senior High Schoolers, Mark encourages the audience to consider the short and long-term results of decision-making and encourages them to make wise choices. Students will learn:
The value of being unique
What school spirit and citizenship REALLY mean
How some are fooled when they think they’re being ‘cool’
The most common LIE students tell…& the real TRUTH


Drawing from his own experience as a student athlete, Mark presents challenging thoughts on the importance of teamwork, team spirit, and staying the course; key ingredients in creating a championship season. This includes:
The value of LOSING
How to cope with disappointment
The greatest benefit of being on the BENCH