Mark Brown Coaching, Mark Brown Speaks

Coaching LaShunda Rundles
"Winner, 2008 World Championship of Public Speaking."
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Mark Brown Coaching, Mark Brown Speaks
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The Story Behind Mark Brown's
World Championship Winning Speech

What does it take to defeat more than 20,000 contestants and win the World Championship of Public Speaking? Listen in as three World Champions dissect one of their winning speeches.

Find out how to get an audience to think, feel, laugh and reflect in just 7 minutes.

Mark Brown delivered a powerfully memorable speech using humor, rhetorical devices, characterization, and storytelling that is still referenced 24 years later.

Listen in as your co-host Darren LaCroix and special guest, fellow CSP, Ed Tate analyze Mark's winning speech, and interview him to unearth the story behind 'A SECOND CHANCE'.