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Several years ago, I discovered some termite damage to floor joists under my house. The damage was in the crawlspace, so it was quite dark, and it was not very easy to notice what the termites had done. I needed a tool…something to illuminate the area so I could see clearly. I chose a flashlight, but could have used ANOTHER TOOL from my garage, like a lantern or  electric work light. Each tool was different, but all would achieve the same objective…bringing light to a dark area under my house.   





The principle of ANOTHER TOOL also applies to speaking.

 Last week I had the privilege of addressing students at my old high school, Calabar High School, in Kingston, Jamaica. To really engage and connect with these youngsters, I used the skills and tools that I had available. Visuals (PowerPoint). The spoken word, including audience interaction. An object lesson with a volunteer (we made lemonade, which he thoroughly enjoyed amidst the envy of his classmates!) Each method was a different tool used to achieve the same goal…delivering my message.

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